From Colombia to the UK: eSIM Comparisons & Top Choices
October 16, 2023

From Colombia to the UK: eSIM Comparisons & Top Choices


Are you planning to go abroad and want a solution that can help you stay connected? eSIMs are getting popular worldwide, and everyone travelling across borders needs them to save huge costs and eliminate the inconvenience involved earlier in the case of physical SIM cards. Being a need for the era to transform the physical SIM ecosystem into an eSIM-enabled ecosystem, GSMA has influenced the ecosystem to push initiatives towards eSIM-compatible devices and network carriers to increase their global reach while providing effective eSIM plans to global travellers. If you are the one who wants to know about global eSIM plans, continue reading this blog.

From Colombia to the UK: eSIM Comparisons & Top Choices

The eSIM phenomenon is spreading globally as various top countries are accelerating the efforts to push the eSIM ecosystem while enabling subscribers to benefit in enormous ways. Here are some of the popular Global eSIM plans that you should consider if you are travelling abroad any time soon:

  1. Airalo: It is one of the cost-effective eSIM plans that seamlessly works in 190+ countries. In terms of pricing, it offers a plan at a nominal pricing of $35, which offers a validity of 30 Days, making it quite effective and affordable for anyone travelling abroad. Be it the UK or Colombia, their eSIM plans are the best to choose.
  1. Holafly: It is also one of the best eSIM providers, but the charges are slightly higher when compared to Airalo. Whether travelling to Europe, Asia, or Colombia, the eSIM plan by Holafly will offer you global packages with unlimited data accessibility, best for streaming videos, attending meetings, or exploring social media.
  1. GlobaleSIM: This eSIM provider is known to offer eSIM plans with data and calling facility at affordable prices of $14, valid for 14 days with 3GB of data and voice call minutes. This can be your other best pick regarding the best eSIM UK and Global eSIM plans, as it stands out from Airalo and Holafly. 
  1. Flexiroam LATAM: The Flexiroam LATAM 3 GB eSIM plan is designed for people who travel to American countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and more. It costs $14.00 and provides 3 GB of data. It’s a choice for travellers requiring internet connectivity across Latin American destinations. This is better if you want an eSIM plan that can work in Colombia and other American countries.

MobiMatter: A Top Choice for Buying eSIM PlansIs there a platform that can offer you an easy way to look out for plans and activate them instantly whenever you need them? This can be a perfect thing for travellers looking for Colombia eSIM as it eases out the whole process of choosing the right eSIM plan without much effort. MobiMatter, a leading eSIM aggregator platform, is perfect for providing a range of eSIM plans that can work in any country, from Colombia to the UK. The global eSIM plan is ideal for anyone travelling across international borders.

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